About Us


Our Story

Welcome to a 49 year journey of a very BLESSED hairstylist.  My husband and I purchased this property, which was originally the Ponytail Drive-in, in 1970.  Little did I think of reaching this point 49 years later and what would become our history. Opening the shop with myself as the only stylist, and adding another operator within one week, was just the beginning.  Adding several stylists and so many special customers that are like family is yet another milestone of great memories. Traveling through many style changes and colors during that time was just what we did.

In 1991, we doubled our salon size and added more stylists to increase our shop family.  Since then, we have added a new generation with our customer’s and employee’s families. With that, more educational classes with new styles and colors once again.

November 11, 2016 was an overwhelming night for our salon family and me when, in the blink of an eye, a fire took our salon and my home.  There are no words to explain all the feelings that one goes through. What I can know is that God spared me and two grand-dogs in my care.

We rebuilt and came home November 20, 2017.  TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!! My thanks to the firefighters, police, family, friends and the customers who supported and allowed us to return!

We have a great team with many years of experience to serve your hair needs.  Cosmetologists and Barbers on board for YOU!